Summary of actions against Banks in Leipzig / Germany

In the last weeks, we attacked eight branches of three companies: Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Allianz, all of them finance and benefit from the Turkish war of aggression against Efrîn, northern Syria.

The banks were attacked with stones, color, and bitum

The attacked objects were:

Deutsche Bank in der Könneritzstraße
Deutsche Bank in der Gorkistraße
Deutsche Bank am Lindenauer Markt
Commerzbank am Ostplatz
Allianz in der Bornaischen Straße
Allianz in der Tarostraße
Allianz in der Lauchstädter Straße
Allianz in Markkleeberg

Statement in German:

Call: fight erdogan in berlin – mobi for day x

The Turkish President is expected to come to Berlin on a state visit within the next week or two. Watch out for announcements, get ready to make the meeting between Erdoğan and his German allies a disaster!

From demonstrations to concrete, direct actions, everything should happen that day! Think about when, where and how you can act! Shoulder on shoulder against fascism – we stand together against Erdoğan and his war against humanity, we stand together against his German allies!