21.03.18 – Molotov Attack Against the Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce in Athens / Greece

Athens, Greece: #Fight4Afrin – Molotov Attack Against the Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce in Solidarity with Afrin

After the siege of civilians and the invasion of the Islamist fascist Turkish army in Afrin aiming for another genocide and the silent complicity of other states, many of whom have a direct financial interest, we decided not to remain silent silent and during the night formed a commando and attacked the Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce with Molotov bombs right near the MAT (riot police) station in Patisia.

Our aim was to highlight the direct cooperation and complicity of European powers such as Italy in the massacre in Afrin, supplying weapons to the Turkish military.

Our action was a continuation of the actions of solidarity that are taking place worldwide and a reminder to ourselves that the events in Afrin have convinced us even more about the necessity of multifaceted and diverse direct actions in the here and now.

We dedicate our action to the anarchist comrade who died fighting on the front lines of Afrin for a better tomorrow.

Direct solidarity with the fighters in Afrin
Death to the imperialists
Fight to the end agaisnt the enemies of freedom

Anarchist Entities