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In the afternoon of 9 October the fascist Turkish occupation army and its Islamist murder gangs started their war of aggression against the liberated areas of Rojava. With massive artillery fire and widespread air raids on towns and villages along the Syrian-Turkish border, the front was opened and ground invasion began.

The fascist AKP-MHP regime is turning its threats into reality and under the cynical name “Operation Sources of Peace” has launched a new campaign of extermination against the people of the region. From the North, jihadist gangs try to advance to the cities and settlements along the border and the villages in the vicinity have become the scene of fierce battles between the self-defence forces of the population and the invading troops. While the fascist invaders attack the civilian population of Rojava under the protection of their heavy weapons, artillery and the bombardment of their war planes, sleeper cells of the Islamic state carry out coordinated attacks in the interior and spread fear and terror.

The progressive project of Rojava faces today the greatest threat since the beginning of the revolution. Wherever the occupying troops succeed in advancing, ethnic cleansing, looting, mass murder and torture threaten there. The fascist regime in Ankara has openly declared that they will expel the civilian population and settle Islamist gangs allied with them in the region, just as they have already done in Afrin. The mercenaries who lead the Turkish occupation troops into battle with them are no less than the murderers of the Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State. Even if they now march under a different flag and equipped with new uniforms and modern weapons, there is no difference between them. It is the clear intention of the Erdogan regime to rebuild the fallen caliphate.

It is clear that this war will pour out in all its inhumanity on the people of Rojava and lead to the death and suffering of countless people. Tens of thousands of people are already forced to leave their homes in order not to fall victim to the murderous air raids of the Turkish army. This war is the war of a criminal and fascist regime that knows no borders in its will to destroy the peoples of the region. It is the war of a state that tries to hide its internal problems behind more and more massacres and expansion. It is a war of the imperialist system that wants to take its revenge on people who dared to follow the stony path to liberation. It is the war of a system that tramples on all values of humanity for its economic and geopolitical interests.

If the rulers have decided to abandon the people of northern Syria to annihilation, we will certainly not stand by and watch. The Turkish state has not only proved once in its history what they are willing to do. Mass expulsion, occupation and genocide have shaped the character of this state since its foundation and to this day they have never let go of their neo-Ottoman expansionist aspirations. With the beginning of this war all masks have fallen and the whole world sees today the ugly face of the Turkish fascism. Until the Turkish regime is crushed, free life will also be under constant threat.

Therefore we consider it more than legitimate to attack the fascist Turkish state and its allies everywhere, at any time and by any means. If the world watches while the fascists in Rojava murder, plunder and rape, then it is our duty as anti-fascists and revolutionaries to open the front against them everywhere. We will not allow them to spread their dirty propaganda in the safe hinterland. All supporters of this bloody war are now our targets. Above all, the official institutions of the Turkish state, their lobby organisations, their fascist associations, Turkish companies guilty of complicity in this massacre and all the organisations and diplomatic structures of the Islamist gangs who in Europe like to be courted as “moderate rebels” must become the target of our retaliatory strikes. As fight4afrin we fought together against the Turkish occupation attack 2018, today we start the militant campaign “fight4rojava”.

The time for action has come today. Only a boundless resistance will be able to stop the war of annihilation of the Turkish state. If the front against Turkish fascism is globalised, we will certainly bring down this regime. In this sense, those who wanted the war will get it.

Militant campaign “fight4rojava”