16.03 – Attack on German Consulate in Crete

Masked storm German Consulate. Windows were broken. In addition, they hung a banner from one of the windows, which included “Resistance is life” and “Solidarity with Afrin”.


Afrin; Utopia in opposition to Dystopia

Since approximatelya month, in the name of “war against terrorism” the fascisct armies of Erdogan attack (operation “olive branch”) the population of Afrin, the most western out of three cantons of the autonomous area of Rojava, recruiting missonary islamists of ISIS and Al Kaida with
the aim of ethnic cleansing of the kurdish population. Despite the arming superiority of the turkish army, the armed forces of the kurdish people which consist of men (YPG) and women (YPJ) fighters, have already made important victories, destroying Erdogan’s nationalistic fest.
But Erdogan is not the only one responsible to the massacre that is taking place in Afrin. The past years, the middle east and Syria have been transformed into a theater of war clashes where the big forces (USA, Russia) and their satelites (Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel) confront each other, serving financial and geopolitical interests, changing the alliances with any part that fits their
interest in every occasion.

For the bloodshed of the Syrian and Kurdish people, the EU is also responsible and especially Germany. Its weapon industry has found in the face of Erdogan the best customer, supplying his missonaries with german Leopard tanks and other war equipment. The liberal democracy of
Germany knows well how to play the game of capitalist economy. If the blood and the ruins of the kurdish society can bring billions to the german capital, then let Afrin be run down. And as if all this was not enough, the moment that the german state makes a fortune on top the the Kurdish bodies, it also forbids Kurdish flags and anti-war demonstrations inside the country.

The struggle of the kurdish people for freedom and independence didn’t start with the battles against the ISIS islamofascists and Erdogan’s army. The kurdish resistance has been taking place for more than a century and has lately changed its shape and content. From the popoular uprisings and revolution against the oppressors of its land, to the national-liberation struggle of PKK and today’s revolutionary movement of Democratic confederation, the Kurds continue to struggle despite the
sorrows and losses they have been through.

If our solidarity for the people that fight for their freedom calls us to support the kurdish people all this time, today our revolutoniary consciousness calls us to fight with them for a new society. And this is because, in contrast with the past, the modern struggle of the Kurds is a struggle  against the state, that doesn’t aim to the foundation of a “state of Kurdistan” but to the total rebuilding of the kurdish society on the base of the confederal organization of the kurdish communities.

This ideological turn, which in a big percentage is attributed to the influence that the work of the great libertarian writer Murray Bookchin had on the Kurds, is present., even though the greek mass media and the rhetorics of the left try to hide it. The Kurds through the struggle for freedom and autonomy, brought to the front the issues of woman liberation and ecology, equality of different civilazations and ethnicities and freedom of religion. With their fighting spirit, the women of kurdish society put themselves on the first line in the
battlefield as well as the field of social organisation. The social structure of the kurdish people creates cracks to the structures of state and patriarch models of governing that till now rule west and east.The kurdish people and their struggle have received unreserved international solidarity of the global libertarian movement with every way possible. We should definitely mention the inspiration, social
tools, faith and strength that the kurdish liberation movement has offered to all the humanity with
its example.

For all the above, we decided to symbolically occupy the space of the german consulate in
Heraklion, Crete, sending the message that war is nothing more than the natural consequent of
patriarchy and state, the two basic enemies of the autonomous kurdish movement.

Victory to the weapons of the Kurdish female and male fighters

Victory to the struggle for libertarian communitism
Victory to Afrin!